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Delivering high quality clinically relevant research in Head and Neck Surgery

Committee Positions

Applications are invited for the MTReC committee 2021-2022. Please send any expressions of interest including a paragraph explaining why you would be suited to the role to


The MTReC Web Master 

This person will be in position for a period of one year before re-election. The MTReC Webmaster is responsible for maintaining and updating the MTReC website ( This role includes updating the committee information on the website, and publishing material supplied by project groups on the website.  


The MTReC Social Media Rep 

This person will be in position for a period of one year before re-election. This person will be responsible for maintaining a social media presence using whatever platforms they choose. This will include advertising the AGM, advertising roles which are up for re-election within the committee, and advertising any publications or conference presentations.



This project aims to assess the usefulness of high dose cortocosteroids in the treatment of cervicofacial infections.


Facial Feminisation

This project aims to map the provision and uptake of facial feminisation surgery across the UK


Perioperative Management in Orthognathic Surgery

This project aims to identify variations in perioperative management of orthognathic surgery patients across the UK.

The Maxillofacial Trainee Research Collaborative

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