The MTReC Committee

MTReC is a trainee led and delivered research network, which now has a presence in most Maxillofacial Surgery units across the UK. Our aim is to deliver high quality, clinically relevant, trainee led research.

Projects are proposed, designed and delivered by a Core Project Team of trainees, with support from senior research staff and nurses. Projects are implemented by the MTReC network of regional leads and local collaborators in units across the UK; their input is recognised in publications with a pubmed listed citation.

MTReC is led by a committee, which currently also acts as the Core Project Team for the Cervicofacial Infection Project. As MTReC moves forward we envisage that further Core Project Teams will come together to run other exciting projects.

Basim Dawoud


I am currently a speciality trainee in OMFS based in Manchester having completed Academic Foundation and Core Training in Leeds and Manchester respectively. As a founding member of MTReC I firmly believe collaborative research will drive our speciality forward and generate a new era of learning and understanding.

Alastair Henry


I'm a ST5 in South Wales. I studied dentistry in Sheffield and Medicine in Cardiff. I've been involved with MTReC since the first project and I’ve held various responsibilities within the committee. I believe that trainee led collaborative research has the potential to answer and confront some of the long standing unanswered questions and accepted beliefs within our speciality in ways that other research methodologies will struggle to do so.

Sam Kent

Immediate Past-Chair

I am currently an ST in South Wales, having previously having worked in Aberdeen and London. I have been involved with MTReC since its first project, when I was a second degree student, and also as an SHO and now registrar. I firmly believe that trainee collaborative research has the power to inform and change our clinical practice and improve patient care. Involving as many trainees as possible in meaningful research, especially those that don’t see themselves as academics, can help build a solid academic future for our specialty in the UK.​

Christopher Blore

General Secretary 

I'm a specialty trainee in the West Midlands, having studied Dentistry in Sheffield and Medicine in Birmingham. I have previously worked with research collaboratives as a medical student and during junior surgical training. I firmly believe that a trainee collaborative is the most powerful way to generate meaningful data and I want to help make that happen.


Social Media Representative

I’m a run through trainee currently completing ST1 in the North West, having studied dentistry first in Manchester and medicine second at Barts & the London. Across all surgical specialities collaborative research is paving the way so I am looking forward to joining this committee and promoting research opportunities specifically for trainees within OMFS.

Senem Icel

Web Master

I have just finished dental core training and am working as a clinical fellow in OMFS in London. I studied dentistry at king's College London. I became interested in MTReC through hearing of the exciting work that has been undertaken and the unique nature of it's collaborative approach. I hope to help in my role as webmaster, aiding where I can in the advancement of our projects.

The Maxillofacial Trainee Research Collaborative

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